Characters, Special price,
Cartoon to e- mail, ranging from only 30.00$!
It is an opportunity to receive a character 24 /H affter the order!



How to order?

Character of an example of your having to:
Send by drawing personal photo and a description ( hobbies, interests, etc.. )
Characters I draw on computer, so you can get a character in JPG format with
300 pix. After you can print it on your preferred size pages, A4, A3,A2,A1,
or even the home 10 floor wall :)


Cartoons by E-mail may receive the very next day after
the order, but the order to write down the date you
need the character.


When the character is drawn, I send you an E-mail,
A small picture of the character ,
so that you can see whether you are satisfied with the

If eveything is ok, you transfer the amount to my
account. Upon receipt of the money I send you
the Cartoons already in good resolution.

Cartoonist in your party?

Bildes 24.12.2007 121

Price starts from

60 $ / h !!!!!!!

Yes, it is very fun and easy, colorful cartoon just 3 minutes

For example: If you organize a party with 20 guests, I need only one hour to all draw!

Where you can still find the amusement of the 60 $? Besides the attraction that leaves your guests a nice memory of your super! A party!

Call or write to book a date until someone else you have not yet been surpassed!

Zemgus Zaharāns

Tel. +371 28455969

zemgus.zaharans @





Now the events in Digital cartoons!




Excerpts from an ATV broadcasts 100 of Press Club where I had the honor to participate!

2nd October at. 21:10 LTV1 program "100th Article of press club" was a guest of the European Parliament, former Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis.Vai Parex takeover took place in the public interest? How did the work on the state budget? What enables and what prevents the IMF? For these and other issues with Iveta Elksnis Ivars Godmanis questioned Paul Raudseps (Diena) and Juris Paidere (Neatkariga). In the presence of cartoonist Zemgus Zaharāns


If, by September 2009 the main anxiety Cele government was the People's Party, then later it joined the Greens and Farmers Union, which announced - where social protection will cut more than 90 million lats, so for next year's budget vote. How does the government talk about the social budget, or a reduction in pension is being said? What was the relationship between the coalition parties? What position should take in negotiations with international lenders. For these and other topics 25 September Hundred Articles Press Club People's Party leader Mareks and ZZS Representative Baiba Rivza journalists questioned Maris Zanders, Maris Krautmanis and Arne Krauze. Illustrated all this artist caricaturist Zemgus Zaharāns

ATV broadcast animation series "Legend Hunters"